Danger in children’s jewellery

Posted on 9:43 am

Inexpensive children’s jewellery can be a very serious danger.  Just a few days ago we found out that most costume children’s jewellery coming out of China have very high levels of cadmium.  Cadmium is very toxic and dangerous to children.  Many warnings are going out not to purchase or give small children any inexpensive children’s  jewellery coming from China.

On Jan. 11/2010, U.S. Consumer product safety commissioner Inez Tenenbaum gave a keynote speech in Hong Kong.  She warned children’ jewellery manufactures not to use cadium, antimony or barium in the making of children’s jewellery.

Tenenbaum also used this time to tell parents,” grandparents or caregivers not to allow young children to be given or play with any cheap metal children’s jewellery”.  She goes on to say” expecially when they are unsupervised.  Just take the jewellery away”.

China’s Product and safety agency will look into the findings that cadmium is being used in export of children’s jewellery.  At this time there are no laws banning the use of cadmium in children’s jewellery.

While there are elevating concerns about cadmium in children’s jewellery I must make mention that we need to be aware that children’s jewellery can be children’s bracelets, children’s pendants, children’s charms,or any other piece of metal adornment children wear.  Many other children’s products are made with the same components. For example, children’s hair pins, back pack charms, shoe charms and many other products that we may not consider children’s jewellery.  Even jewellery for little girls dolls.

So please do not let your children wear any inexpensive metal children’s jewellery from China.  Do not purchase any costume children’s jewellery from China until such time that cadmium is no longer use to make it.  As there is no way for you to test a piece to know if cadmium is used in it, just do not take a chance with it.

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Children’s bracelets

Posted on 1:35 pm

Children’s bracelets come in many different materials.  Gold, silver, plastic, leather, stainless steel and much more.  From baby bracelets up to teens you can find many styles, themes and colors.

Adjustable children’s bracelets come in any and all of the different materials.  Another good option for an adjustable bracelet is a stretch bracelet.   Leather and silk cording as an adjustable bracelet work particularly well.  Many color beads can be added.  These beads can be of crystal, wood, plastic and glass.  The beads can be in many different shapes of figures.  The natural materials lend themselves well the boy’s bracelets as well.

Whether you want a butterfly baby bracelet or are looking for a leather corded sports themed bracelet, you will find the selections of children’s bracelets endless.  For the greatest selection I would recommend the internet.

You can search several different sites and find many different choices and very different pricing.  Many of the chain jewellery stores also carry a good selection in their on line sites.  Always remember to buy age appropriate children’s jewellery.

There are also many different kits available to make your own children’s bracelets.  You can purchase these kits in craft stores, department stores and on line as well.  Please check what countries these kits come from.  If they come from China they may have a product called cadmium in it.  Cadmium is very toxic and has been used to replace lead in children’s jewellery.  The American government are holding an inquiry right now into the use of cadmium in children’s jewellery.  There are many other countries that sell children’s jewellery kits.  Please consider buying from them.

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Cadmium in children’s jewellery

Posted on 6:58 pm

I have wrote before about the dangers of lead in children’s jewellery.  Now there is a more dangerous product being used in children’s jewellery made in China.  It is called cadmium.  It is by far more toxic than lead.  There are also two other products being used as well that can be very toxic (antimony and barium).

Cadmium is a soft whitish colored metal that naturally occurs in soil.  It is a carcinogen and is know for causing cancer and can cause problems in brain development.   Direct exposure can cause cancer, the kidneys can leak vital proteins and bones can spontaneously snap.

Some of the uses for cadmium are electroplating, plastics and it is also used in making pigments.  As a matter of fact cadmium is a major component in making rechargeable batteries.

The American government has imposed restrictions of lead in children’s jewellery in 2008.  Cadmium is used as a replacement for lead since that time.  In 2009 a group did testing on many different children’s jewellery pieces made in China from several different stores.  In many of the children’s jewellery cadmium was found in extraordinarily high levels.    Some of those stores were Walmart, Clairs jewelery chain and Dollar and more.  Walmart has pulled all children’s jewellery made in China off it’s shelf’s. The american government has just started an inquiry in the last few days.  The Chinese government says that it is a matter for the domestic market.

Many of the children’s jewellery pieces that were tested were children’s bracelets and children’s pendants.  One of the pieces tested was a pendant from the movie (The princess and the frog).

Cadmium is regulated for painted toys but not children’s jewellery.  Some jewellery can easily shed cadmiun.  Children are most likely exposed to cadmium by sucking, biting or chewing on jewellery.

Well I am a big fan of children’s jewellery I must recommend until the time comes when children’s jewellery coming from China falls under stick regulations you hold off purchasing it.  Also if you have any children’s jewellery, baby rings, children’s bracelets, pendants or any other jewellery that you think might have came from China please do not let your children wear them.  I recommend that you purchase all of your children jewellery from a vendor who can be sure of where it comes from.

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Wearing Children’s Jewellery longer

Posted on 11:19 am

Children’s jewellery is an investment.  Just like adult jewellery it can be pricey.  Unlike adults, children will grow and the size of the jewellery will become to small for them.  There are things you should consider when purchasing children’s jewellery that can extend their jewellery from a few years to the rest of their lives.

With baby rings you can add them to children’s bracelets.  They can be soldered  on to the chain or a jump ring can be added to the ring.  If a jump ring is added you can also use the ring on a kids chain.  Later on the ring can be added on to a larger length chain.   In my opinion soldering the ring is the best option as it can be used on a child’s bracelet, children’s chain or even on a baby pin.

Many children’s bracelets are adjustable.  This is true for both boy’s and girls bracelets.  An open cuff syle child’s bracelet works perfectly for either gender.  There are also bangles styles that have an extension band inside them so the child can wear them for several years.  Some bangle styles come with a added piece of chain to extend them.  Chain style bracelets are made that have several different lengths already incorporated into the design.  There are even children’s bracelets that are made of  separate links.  You can add as many links as you like.  So as the child grows you just add more links.  These kid’s bracelets come in many different themes and you can also find them in many different materials from gold, silver, stainless steel or even in titanium.

You can also extend the life of children’s neck chains.  One of the easiest ways is to purchase a child’s bracelet in the same chain.  You can just add it to the necklace to gain anywhere from three to five inches in length.   When a child grows to big for the neck chain you can have it sized down to a bracelet.  Any good goldsmith can bring it to wrist size and add a jump ring.  This can be made into either a single or double chained bracelet.

Children’s earrings can be turned into charms very easily.  If they are stud style they can be made into a pendant.  Hoop style children’s earrings can made into charms.  They sell many different styles of pins for children.  Some are as simple as a gold or silver baby diaper pin to more elaborate pins.  Baby earrings can easily be added to these pins either by jump rings or soldered right to the pin.

So when you are purchasing children’s jewellery keep in mind how the jewellery can be adjusted or changed as the child grows.  Many of the pieces can last a life time.

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